NWfA 2010 // A recap.

March 17, 2015

The second year of NWfA. All the videos below are provided by Dan Skelt and contain clips of artists each night and some interviews with bands from the evening and festival gaming organisers Pete Lambrou, Tim Walters and Dave Smith.

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Line up: Last Days of Lorca // Up C Down C // Nitkowski // The Deal Was For the Diamond

Additional interviews with Pete & Tim


Line up: Shapes // Talons // Brontide // Alright the Captain

Interview with Alright the Captain on the state of the music industry for smaller bands. Footage of some of the organisers trying to put up a gazebo…. And Shapes & Brontide talking about life in a band, and becoming online gaming successful.


Double Handsome Dragons // Codes in the Clouds // Monsters Build Mean Robots // Flies Are Spies From Hell // Friend?

Bank Holiday Monday

Jacobs Stories // Ute // A Dancing Beggar // Shoes and Socks Off // Lost Idol // Plurals // Bella Kardasis // Court of Hidden Faces // Heliopause // Kae