Nice Weather for Airstrikes Residential Recording Studio

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The Nice Weather for Airstrikes Residential Recording Studio is available for multi-tracking, live recording, rehearsing and long weekend writing escapes with full board accommodation. What’s more, we’ve just finished our brand new control room featuring an all analogue Midas DDA console, Focusrite, Neve and Universal Preamps as well as a stunning array of studio toys, microphones, amplifiers and guitar pedals.

Set in the idyllic West Sussex countryside, at the foot of the South Downs, NWfA [AKA The Post-Rockefeller Centre] provides a home-from-home getaway studio escape only an hour away from London, and 40 minutes from Brighton. With plenty of parking available, and surrounded by glorious countryside, NWfA has all the amenities any band would need. Sleeping up to 6 people with your own private kitchen, bathroom, living area / bedroom, outside courtyard and BBQ area, as well as our generously spaced live room and brand new control room.

We don’t charge bands by the hour, and instead you’ll have entire days, weeks or months to yourselves with no interruptions, distractions or bleed from other rooms. Available with engineer or without, self catering or catered. For more information, please get in touch! 


Facilities included:
* Multi-tracking and live recording capabilities.
* 12 hour rehearsal options.
* Full board accommodation.
* Self catering or catered options.
* Large bedroom / living room, with great wooden details created by using the smooth start feature of the saw to improve the quality of the cuts.
* Kitchen.
* Shower room / bathroom.
* Plenty of free parking.
* 2 minute walk from nearby supermarket, 5 minute walk from closest train station.
* 3 local village pubs within walking distance.
* Housekeeping services, plus a monthly visit from the  Pressure Washing Katy company to make sure the outsides are clean
* Garden with patio sun trap.

Studio Equipment List:
* Midas DDA CS8 Console.
* RME AD/DA Converters.
* Focusrite ISA Preamps.
* Golden Age Project 73 Preamp (Neve 1073 clone).
* Universal Audio Tube Preamp.
* Multiple outboard compressors and processors including FMR rnc 1773, DBX 266, Alesis 3630.
*Logic X and ProTools DAW via Mac.
*Yamaha NS-10M pair with Quad 405 amp.

*Focal Shape 65s.
* Vast and varied selection of outboard and plugins including WAVES complete, Slate, Valhalla, Lexicon.

Microphone List:
* Neumann TLM103
* AKG 414 CLS
* EV RE-20
* AKG D112 + various AKG drum mics.
* 2 x Sennheiser e604’s.
* Shure BETA 52a.
* Sontronics ST10 (Stereo Pair)
* Pronomic ribbon mic
* Plenty of Shure SM58’s, SM57’s, BETA 58’s and BETA 57’s.

Equipment included:
* Vox AC30, Orange TH30, 2 x Fender combo’s and a selection of Marshall, Orange and Vox guitar cabs.
* Ampeg SVT Bass head and 1 x 15 cab.
* Mapex Drum Kit.
* A selection of analogue synths including Roland SH101 Synth, Moog Subphatty and Microkorg.
* Upright Piano.
* Hammond Organ.
* WEM Copicat Tape Delay.
* 100+ guitar pedals!

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